Who Are We?: Part 3

If you’re always looking for a good deal, you’ve probably been to more than one thrift store in Durham. And there are a lot to choose from. Did you know that The Salvation Army has a thrift store on Hillsborough Road? Well, now you do!

I guess I am biased, but I love thrift stores. I am always looking for furniture to “up-cycle,” I love weird coffee mugs, and I enjoy perusing through old records and books. Our Family Store happens to have a surplus of all of these things. Coincidence? I think not.

The Salvation Army Family Store is a vital, sustaining part of our organization. The sales generated help us keep our doors open at The Boys & Girls Club; the sales keep our social services department active. Without our Family Store, who knows where we would be!

I know what you're thinking....and no, our Store is not just a money-makin’ machine! We provide clothing and furniture vouchers to those who visit our social services department seeking assistance. The very donations that you bring to The Salvation Army may clothe someone who lives down the street from you. While our items are already offered at a discounted price, sometimes people need more help. We are able to meet many physical needs through our Family Store.

Every clothing item, furniture piece, knick knack, etc. is used to help us  Do The Most Good in Durham, Orange, and Person counties. How cool is that? When you donate, you are helping us clothe people in need. When you shop, you are helping us provide essential services to people who otherwise would be stranded and without hope. When you volunteer, you are helping us to keep our store operations going, which keeps our organization going.

To make donating even easier, our staff can pick up your furniture donation for you. How's that for great service? Fill out this online form, or give them a call at (919) 384-7130. For a small fee, they will even deliver your new purchases from our Family Store. 

Each week, different items are 50% off. Based on the color of the tag, you may be able to score even better deals! Throughout the week, The Family Store of Durham offers special discounts.

Monday - Military Appreciation (10% off)
Wednesday - Senior Day (50% off, only with your Super Saver Coupon!)

Next time you’re in the area, stop by and say hello. Who knows, you may leave with a brand new (gently used) car-bed! And, if you’re not in the area, no worries! Here’s the address so you can be:

3167 Hillsborough Road, Durham NC 27705  |  Monday-Saturday, 8:30AM-5:00PM

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