New Bicycles For The Boys & Girls Club

bike giveawaybike giveaway

Some of our kids at The Boys & Girls Club recently received a wonderful gift: brand new bicycles! Our new friends at Biogen and Impact 4 Good worked hard to assemble these bikes, and even got to present them to a few of our very deserving Club kids this past week.

Impact 4 Good is a socially conscious corporate teambuilding company that directs all of their team building exercises toward serving the local community. They worked with several employees at Biogen to help make this bicycle giveaway possible. Biogen is a biotech company that develops, markets, and manufactures products for people living with serious neurological, autoimmune and hematologic disorders. 

We were so excited that Biogen and Impact 4 Good wanted to give new bicycles to The Boys & Girls Club that we wanted to surprise them with something as well. The day of the giveaway, we brought several of our Club kids to receive the bikes from the people that built them! Our new friends at Biogen were so surprised and overjoyed to meet the child and personally give them their new bike.

The next thirty minutes or so were hectic, as kids were riding bicycles all over the room, laughing a lot, and trying not to run each other over!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to partner up with Biogen and Impact 4 Good for this wonderful project. I know our Club kids and their families are thankful as well!

bike giveaway from Biogen


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