Christmas is Coming!

Every year, The Salvation Army of Durham serves residents of Durham, Person, and Orange counties presents, clothes and food during the Christmas Season. In 2014 alone, 4,408 adults and children were reached. This year, we want to reach just as many people, if not more...and we need your help.

Have your children ever woken up on Christmas morning, only to find that no presents were left under the tree? Have you ever gone without a Christmas dinner, because there simply wasn't any food to eat? Maybe you haven't, but you would be surprised to find out how many of your neighbors have, and continue to experience every year.

We believe that no family in Durham should go hungry, and no child should be denied the simple joy of opening presents on Christmas morning. That is where you come in.

The Salvation Army of Durham has many volunteer opportunities for our Christmas Angel Tree Program. These opportunities begin as early as September (which is only a month away!). Below, you will find a list of our opportunities. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Katherine Bellamy, if you would like to sign up to serve.

  • Intake Specialist
    • In this position, you will assist the staff with interviewing applicants for holiday assistance. This will be split into two different sections. You may be working with them to fill out a paper application, or an online form.
    • September 18-September 22; 9:00AM-11:00AM, 1:00PM-4:00PM
  • Angel Tree Prep Team
    • This volunteer position will work alongside our staff to label the angels that will be going out into the community. This is an important role, because there will be a lot of angels.
  • Kettle Bell Ringers
    • As a kettle bell ringer, you will be at a specific station, ringing a bell for donations. As a bell ringer, it is important to be enthusiastic, kind, and cheerful!
  • Toy Shop Setup Team
    • The setup team will be bagging gifts and helping to set up the warehouse for the distribution day. You will be unloading presents and organizing them based on each family. This is a critical position, and we will need a lot of volunteers!
    • Dates TBD
  • Clean Up Crew
    • The clean up crew is just as important as any. With over 400 families coming in and out of the warehouse, it is bound to get slightly disorganized. You will be helping us clear out the warehouse and make sure everything is back where it should be!

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