The Salvation Army Corps Officers

Name Title Phone Email
Major Bobby Lancaster Commanding Officer 919-313-7383
Major Kay Lancaster Corps Officer 919-313-7384

The Salvation Army Corps Office Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Debbie Avolin

Director of Social Services

Tracey Bragg Corps Assistant 919-313-2510
Phyllis Ellis Human Resources Director/Office Manager 919-313-7382
Angela Dohmann Accountant 919-313-2510
Mary Moore Comptroller 919-313-7385
Tammie Sellman Resource Development Director 919-313-2569
Katherine Bellamy Public Relations and Volunteer Coordinator 919-313-3309

The Boys & Girls Club Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Joshua Dorsette Executive Director 919-682-7842

The Salvation Army Thrift Store Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Annette Daymon Acting Manager 919-384-7130
Scott Bruckschen Production Supervisor 919-384-7130