Why Volunteer?

Volunteering at our clubs provides an opportunity to gain valuable work experience

and skills that can benefit individuals in many ways. Whether you are looking to build

your resume, enhance college opportunities, or make a difference in your community,

we would love to have you assist us with our vision of helping each child reach their

full potential and discover their purpose as one of God's children.

Volunteer Opportunities

Adult volunteers (18 & up) are used to supplement and support our staff. Examples of responsibilities might include helping memebers with homework, tutoring, mentoring, or even coaching a sports team. They are given a job description and trained in CPR, First Aid, and our Safe From Harm program. Dedicated and experienced volunteers are among the first applicants we look to whenever a paid position comes open.

Teen Volunteers (17 & under) are used to assist our staff in our many instructional and recreational activies. They can track their hours with a national recognized program and develop a work ethic that they can use no matter what career path they choose. They are also eligible to compete in our State, Regional, and National Youth of the Year Program. This program awards volunteers with oppertunities such as college scholarships and potentially a trip to the White House to meet the President.