The Salvation Army of the Midlands has appointed Tommy Crutchfield Chairman of the Advisory Board. Tommy was installed as an Advisory Board Member in 2014 and has been a tremendous asset to the team. "We are so blessed to have Tommy as our new Chairman to lead the board as we continue to do the most good together here in the Midlands," said Major Henry Morris.

Tommy is a well-respected business leader in the Columbia area and his passion for helping those most in need doesn't go unnoticed. "Tommy is a leader in his profession and an advocate for his community. Whether serving customers here at Immedion or volunteering, Tommy always operates with integrity and truly cares about doing the right thing for people. We are proud of his accomplishments with the Salvation Army," said Immedion CEO Frank Mobley.

The Salvation Army looks forward to working closely with Tommy as he serves in this role. Together, we will strive to reach new heights in 2018.

Salvation Army Board Members: Mark Ackerman, Steve Anastasion, Tyler Baldwin Jr., Michael Beal, Kristen Beckham, Chris Beckham, Emily Brady Bedenbaugh, Charlotte Berry, Mary Beth Campbell, John A. Cloyd, Tommy Crutchfield, Dr. John W. Dingle, Robert F. Fuller, JT Gandolfo, Ellen Hayden, Ron Hill, Denise Gunter Hudson, David Jordan, C. Whitaker Moore, Fenton Overdyke, Terry Povey, Elliot E. Powell, Harrison Rearden, Robert L Reibold, Thomas Rhodes, Ron Roe, Mary Sesler, Wayne Smith, Carolyn Swinton, Bud Tibshrany, Julian W. Walker Jr., David W. Wells, Reece Williams, William Witherspoon.

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