Midlands Gives is May 2!

Midlands Gives is May 2! Don't forget that The Salvation Army is participating and all donations will impact children and youth in the Midlands.

ALSO - The Salvation Army of the Midlands has received a $1,000 MATCH - your donation will go further because of a generous match!

The link to donate - https://www.midlandsgives.org/salvationarmymidlands

Curious as to how your donation will impact children and youth?
Let's break it down...
$20 will buy 2 hours & 15 Minutes of 1-on-1 reading instructions for a child!
$20 will buy testing materials to measure reading skills of 1 child!
$20 will buy 5 books for children to read!
$20 will buy a drink and a snack for 29 children!
$20 will buy writing supplies for 10 children!

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