Make an Impact. Change a Life. Send a Kid to Camp

The Salvation Army will again this year send local children who are 6-12 years old and experience poverty to five days of respite at Camp Walter Johnson in Denton, North Carolina. Camp Walter Johnson is owned and operated by The Salvation Army and has a trained and compassionate staff. We plan to send 50 children to Camp Walter Johnson in 2016.


$40 will help provide 1 day and night at camp for a child.

$80 will help offer 2 days and nights of camp.

$120 can help provide 3 days and nights of life changing experiences for a hurting child.

  A $200 donation provides the camp experience to one child for five days and nights.


 Donations will be used to provide a camping experience that is safe and loving for children where they can play sports, swim, explore the outdoors, and make new friends.

To learn more about Camp Walter Johnson, please visit

To watch a video about Camp Walter Johnson, please visit Send a Kid to Camp. 


Camp Walter Johnson Schedule 2016

Club and Community Camp 1: July 6- 11

Club and Community Camp 2: July 11 -16

*Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Contact Melani Miller for more information 803-309-6421.

 To financially support sending kids to The Salvation Army's Day Camp and/or Camp Walter Johnson, please mail a check to PO Box 2786, Columbia, SC 29202.

 Thank you in advance for your support!