Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board members are the foundation for the public support that sustains The Salvation Army in a local community. Normally comprised of influential business leaders and public officials, this board of volunteers advises The Salvation Army on matters of community priorities and needs. They also serve as ambassadors among the influential – enlisting financial support for the cause of Hope.

Board Chairman: Ron Roe

Treasurer: Denise Gunter Hudson

Advisory Board: Mark Ackerman; Steven M. Anastasion; Tyler Baldwin, Jr.; Michael Beal; Kristen Beckham; Charlotte Berry; Emily Brady Bedenbaugh; Mary Beth Campbell; John A. Cloyd; Neal D. Coyle; Tommy Crutchfield; Dr. John W. Dingle; JT Gandolfo; Ellen Tollison Hayden; David Jordan; C. Whitaker Moore (Whit); Fenton Overdyke; Terry M. Povey; Elliott E. Powell; Harrison Rearden; Robert L. Reibold; Thomas Rhodes; Wayne T. Smith; Carolyn Swinton; Bud M. Tibshrany; Julian W. Walker, Jr.; David Wells; William Witherspoon; Mary Sesler; Ron Hill; Chris Beckham

Emeritus Members: Robert Lee Blanton, Jr.; Alice F. Boyle; J. Cantey Heath; Tom Hughes; J. Michael Kapp; George William Rogers

Life Members: Lucien Bruno; Robert F. Fuller (Bob); Edwin W. Robertson; John C.B. Smith (C.B.); D. Reece Williams