Humans Should Never Be For Sale

Along with providing immediate refuge for survivors of human trafficking,

we take a holistic approach to healing, helping each individual move from a state of enslavement to self-sufficiency.


Project FIGHT

The Salvation Army in the Carolinas has been fighting for those impacted by human trafficking since 2011 through Project FIGHT, based at our office in Raleigh, NC. Through partnerships and relationships with state and local government, law enforcement, and other agencies, we are able to provide comprehensive case management to survivors of human trafficking.

After meeting the immediate needs of human trafficking survivors and helping them to find stable footing, we help connect them to a network of agencies and services including medical, mental health, legal, housing, and other services they may require. All the while, we are walking beside them helping them along the path to restoration, fighting for them every step of the way.

The modern day slave trade is a multi-billion dollar industry. Worldwide, 40.3 million individuals are trafficked for labor, sexual exploitation, and profit. This problem is global — it reaches from the most distant shores to our very own neighborhoods.

From the beginning, The Salvation Army has opposed the dehumanization of others in all of its forms. In the Carolinas, Project FIGHT represents a mobilization of our resources to fight human trafficking.

Over 4,000 cases of human trafficking reported in the Carolinas since 2007.

More than 65% of them were trafficked for sexual purposes.

More than 30% of these victims are minors.

The youngest clients in Project FIGHT are just eleven years old.

Over 400 cases served by Project FIGHT since 2011.


Case Management

We provide crisis intervention and comprehensive case management for individuals impacted by human trafficking. Trauma-informed case managers connect individuals to resources including food, shelter, clothing, safety planning, general and mental health services, governmental assistance and immigration specialists.

Outreach & Awareness

Since its inception, Project FIGHT has trained and educated over 4,500 professionals and community members on issues related to human trafficking and how individuals and groups can work to combat it. We regularly participate in community events and actively reach out to members of vulnerable populations.


Project FIGHT leads and regularly participates in North Carolina's Rapid Response Teams. These interdisciplinary teams include law enforcement, legal, and medical personal and respond to individual's most critical needs within 72 hours. We also work directly with officials in various coalitions and work groups.

Contact Project FIGHT

For Immediate Assistance call the National Human Trafficking Hotline :


For Non-Emergency Inquiries:

(Phone) 919-390-6738


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