Center of Hope

A Way Home

When women and children have nowhere else to go, they can count on The Salvation Army Center of Hope. Located two miles north of Uptown Charlotte, the Center of Hope sleeps an average of 300 women and children every night. An active member of the Homeless Services Network, The Salvation Army is a leader in providing families with a successful way out of homelessness. Each program is graduated to step clients from the point of crisis to the point of resolution. These programs include emergency shelter, transitional housing, rapid rehousing, and shelter diversion.

There is no single portrait of homelessness. Sometimes families lose their homes because of money; women grab their children and run from abusive husbands; an illness strips a person of work; a layoff comes unannounced. In addition to basic needs, clients receive case management, intervention programs, health care, child care for young children, and guidance for school-age children and teens. Shelters are only a temporary solution. Homeless families need help getting back on their feet.

Creating Solutions

In 2010 The Salvation Army, Charlotte Housing Authority, and other community partners created the Supportive Housing Innovative Partnership (SHIP), to offer people a way out of homelessness. Since then, we've helped more than 300 families with housing and support services. Learn more.

In 2012 a new initiative was started—Rapid Rehousingwhich is a program designed to rehouse those who, with guidance and minimal supports, can live independently. Since its inception, Rapid Rehousing has helped around 280 families to exit the shelter quickly and regain stability, reducing sheltering costs and trauma on the family. Learn more.

2013 brought a new partnership to The Salvation Army Center of Hope for homeless veterans. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has selected The Salvation Army as a contractor to provide temporary residential housing and supportive services to homeless veterans and their families. A special wing of the Center of Hope shelter has been reserved for this unique program, and partners such as Charlotte Bridge Home are helping us to provide veterans the resources and support they deserve to live independently and fully.

In 2015 a 64-bed expansion was completed, bringing the shelter's capacity to 340 beds. This made it among the largest family shelters in the Carolinas.


Supportive Housing Innovative Project (SHIP)

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Rapid Rehousing

Since April 2012 The Salvation Army Center of Hope shelter has moved 115 families and single women out of homelessness and into housing by using a rapid rehousing model. More than 50% of the women who…

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How To Help - Homelessness

When women and children have nowhere else to go, they can count on The Salvation Army Center of Hope.

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