Adult Rehabilitation Center

How the Program Works

The Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) is a 180-day residential program for chemically addicted men that centers on body, mind, spirit, work, and fellowship. The ARC is a place that meets participants, known as beneficiaries, with immediate, basic needs such as shelter, food, and clothing, gives them the tools they need to become productive members of society.

For the Body

Good health and physical well-being are basic needs that must be met before other problems are solved. Shelter, food and clothing are the first steps for a man entering the ARC. Once the basic needs are met, then the real work can begin.

For the Mind

Most men have psychological and emotional problems which led to drug abuse. Through counseling, case management, addiction programs (AA or NA), and self- improvement opportunities such as volunteerism, exploring hobbies, job development, and education, the beneficiaries returm to life independent of drugs or alcohol.

For the Spirit

Spiritual values are built into every activity and program, bringing a sense of fellowship and strength to the men. All men are required to pariticpate in the spiritual programs, which include chapel services, Bible classes, morning devotions, spiritual retreats, and individual spiritual guidance.

For the Future

The ARC is a program based on work, not charity. We do not charge for services, but we do require all residents to take part in work therapy which helps make them self-supporting and self-respecting. As the men progress in the program, this work therapy prepares them to be prepared in mind, body, and spirit for acitive, useful roles in society.

For the Heart

All men are encouraged to join for the rewards of friendship, relaxation, and new interests. Hobby programs, sports, parties, recreation, and family visits are some of the opportunities that the men have for fun and fellowship.