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We envision a community where every person has the opportunity, hope and dignity he or she deserves. Scroll through this site or download the PDF version to see how we - with your support - are making a difference, one family at a time.

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Center of Hope

Through The Salvation Army Center of Hope and its programs, we help women and children experiencing homelessness with their immediate needs of food and shelter, while working with them to provide a successful path to stability. Located two miles north of Uptown Charlotte, the Center of Hope sleeps an average of 350 women and children every night, and offers them the stability they need as they get back on their feet. An active member of the Homeless Services Network, The Salvation Army is a leader in helping families transition into permanent, affordable housing. We have 350 beds at the Center of Hope. Last year, we served 2,151 people; provided 432,000 meals; and 142,200 nights of lodging.  


Housing Programs

The Salvation Army follows a housing-first model, reflecting best practices from across the nation for permanently moving families out of homelessness. Last year, we rapidly rehoused 138 families, providing rental subsidies while individuals gained employment or worked to increase their income. Through our Supportive Housing Innovative Partnership with the Inlivian, the local housing authority, we served 69 families, with 84% remaining housed after exiting the program.


Boys & Girls Clubs

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs’ mission is to enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens - a mission it has carried out since 1934. Today, 8 Clubs serve 1,498 members, many of whom qualify for free/reduced lunch and come from single-parent households.


Christmas Assistance

Since the beginning, The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte has been there for families in need during Christmas, through its Angel Tree (children 12 and under) and Silver Bells (seniors 62 and up) programs. Each year, thanks to the generosity of the community, thousands of children and hundreds of seniors in need receive Christmas gifts. Last year (2017), we served 7,394 children and 1,467 seniors. We couldn't do it without the help of so many key partners and the 2,522 volunteers who gave of their time and energy.


Emergency Disaster Services

Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) brings together Salvation Army officers, staff and volunteers to provide food, shelter, clothing and spiritual comfort to first responders and survivors of disasters in the area and throughout the nation. Floods, fires and hurricanes do devastating harm. Since 1900, The Salvation Army has offered aid to people in places where we can do the most good—and stay as long as we are needed.


Adult Rehabilitation Center

When you donate to one of five Charlotte-area Salvation Army Family Stores, you are helping to change the lives of men in our community battling addictions, giving them a new beginning. Proceeds from the Family Stores support the Adult Rehabilitation Center, which serves 116 at the Center, and last year, we served 1,814 men through the program.


Worship Centers

Charlotte is home to two Salvation Army Worship Centers where people from all walks of life can find healing and a sense of family through weekly worship services, Bible studies, music programs and activities for seniors and youth. TEMPLE CORPS - 940 Marsh Road, Charlotte, NC 28209 BELMONT CORPS - 901 Belmont Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205


Camp Walter Johnson

Continuing a long-standing service and history of Salvation Army camping in the Carolinas, 143-acre Camp Walter Johnson was opened in Denton, N.C. in 1974. Each summer, youth from many Salvation Army units all over the Carolinas come to Camp Walter Johnson on High Rock Lake for a life-changing week. Last year, 122 kids fro Charlotte were able to attend Camp. It costs roughly $225 to send one kid to camp.


Stories of Impact

Everyday, we are changing the lives of people in our programs. For the latest news on the happenings of The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte, as well as heartwarming stories of impact, be sure to check out our blog.



23,009 People Served

659,427 Meals/Snacks Served

171,660 Nights of Lodging Provided

19,925 Articles of Clothing Provided

7,818 Volunteers

30,068 Volunteer Hours Served

For more stats, stories of impact and detailed financial information,

download a copy of the 2018-19 Impact Report.

Download the PDF of the 2018-19 Impact Report