Media Protocol

Our goal is to provide media with information about The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte and its ministries in a timely manner. We want to help you by providing you with the resources and information you need to tell your story. To ensure your request is handled appropriately, we ask for your cooperation with the following media protocol:

  • All media requests must go to Public Relations Office via Brent Rinehart, director of communications. Send requests via email or call 704-714-4727 (office) or 704-619-5328 (cell).
  • We are unable to facilitate requests made directly on-site at our locations (Center of Hope, Boys & Girls Clubs, Booth Gardens) that have not gone through the Public Relations office. Please contact the Public Relations office to make your official request regarding a Salvation Army location.
  • We maintain strict confidentiality of our clients, and we diligently attempt to protect their privacy. Therefore, apart from special pre-arranged circumstances, interviews with clients at the Center of Hope or at the Boys & Girls Clubs are not available. In addition, we are unable to allow any filming of our clients that includes identifying shots.
  • Apart from an emergency situation, we are generally unable to facilitate after hours interviews. We will make every effort to help with interview requests during regular business hours, and provide you with the information you need after hours as well.

Additional Notes:

  • If you would like to receive regular announcements regarding The Salvation Army, please request your name be added to our media list.
  • We have a number of resources available on our website, including facts about our organization, bios, photos and more.