The Salvation Army Center of Hope

Shelter for women and children

Charlotte-Mecklenburg now operates a Coordinated Assessment (CA) system that aims to connect homeless individuals and families, or those at imminent risk, to an existing available shelter/housing resource in our community. Coordinated Assessment uses a specific definition of homeless. A homeless person is someone:

  • Living in a place not meant for human habitation, or
  • Living in emergency shelter (including domestic violence shelter), or
  • Living in transitional housing, or
  • Exiting an institution where they temporarily resided for up to 90 days (and were in a shelter or a place not meant for human habitation immediately prior to entering that institution), or
  • Likely to meet one of the above definitions within the next 72 hours.


After assessment hours, homeless individuals and families should be directed to an emergency shelter:

Single Women and Families: Salvation Army Center of Hope
Single Adult Men: Roof Above (Men’s Shelter of Charlotte)
People Seeking Domestic Violence Services or in imminent danger: Safe Alliance Domestic Violence Shelter, (704) 944-0169 (location confidential)
Youth under the Age of 18: The Relatives, (704) 501-8260, 1100 East Boulevard

What Coordinated Assessment IS:

- A process that assesses persons who are presently homeless or will be homeless within 72 hours, for referral to a housing resource in the County that fits their need and situation.

- A network of designated locations with staff that are trained to evaluate the person’s qualifications to enter the Coordinated Assessment process and to be referred to available housing options.

- A Proactive referral, if space is available. If space, is not available they may be put on a waiting list.

What Coordinated Assessment IS NOT:

- A program

- A guarantee of housing space

- An applications completion service

- A housing clearinghouse.

Are you homeless and don’t know where to turn? The Salvation Army Center of Hope is here to help. We are an emergency shelter for women and children that provides three daily meals, case management, intervention programs, health care, child care, and guidance for school-age children and teens. The program is free and open to Mecklenburg County residents. Girls of any age and boys up to the age of 17 are welcome with their mothers. For families with boys over the age of 17, our case managers will help secure housing with one of our community partners.

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