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Salvation Army Charlotte Blog

Boys & Girls Clubs Host McDonald's Summer Games

Nothing brings the world together quite like the Olympics.

Shaq Thompson’s Sacks for Kids

Carolina Panthers linebacker, Shaq Thompson, is leading an effort to raise funds and awareness for the local Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs. “Shaq Thompson’s Sacks for Kids” is a pledge campaign based on the season-long on-field performance of the team.

Mint Museum Brings Photography into Clubs

Kathyrine noticed that members would doodle or draw when they were done with their homework. Kathyrine, being artistic herself, went to the Unit Director, Charles Smith, and they came up with starting a photography club to give the members a creative outlet.

A Week at Camp Walter Johnson

At the end of the day, most of the Charlotte Club members left that week at Camp Walter Johnson having learned the name of a new friend, picked up a new skill or recognized their own intrinsic value as a child of God.

Gap Has Our Back

This week, you can shop and save at Gap and Gap Factory stores in our area and make a difference in the lives of kids who need it most, all at the same time. Sound too good to be true?

Love Week 2016

This week, we were thrilled to have volunteers from Elevation Church for their 2016 Love Week. Love Week is all about compassion, unity, selflessness and service.

With Great Joy

Dear Salvation Army, I really wanted to give my $20 that I earned from dog-sitting to give to the homeless. Then, my grandpa told me about the Salvation Army so I want to give this to you with great joy.

No Service Member Left Behind

"The Salvation Army Center of Hope is a place that took me off the street and out of danger. You are seen as person again, not as a homeless burden to society.”

A Caring Community

To-date, we’ve received 74 pack and plays, 300 boxes of diapers and 300 boxes of baby wipes, plus a number of towels and sheets sets and other donations.

Answering the Call of Mercy

“Our mercy is setting up a safe home for the moms and children, bringing them to a place where they can grow, move forward and feel safe.”

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