Lisa is on the path to find employment and a hopeful future

Lack of affordable housing is just one of the challenges for women like Lisa who are experiencing homelessness. Foundational to housing is finding and keeping employment that provides sufficient income.

Lisa, along with 11 other women in Charlotte are now ready to embark on that journey, after recently graduating from The Salvation Army Center of Hope’s job readiness program. The program has been in place for years. However, thanks to your support and additional funding from Jeff Bezos’s Day 1 Families Fund, the program is growing.

“Every class is a new group of ‘special’,” said Donna Singletary, who heads up the program for The Salvation Army Center of Hope. “Sharing our stories and helping each other along the way is what it’s all about. It’s in community that we thrive.”

This community of women has been on a journey for several weeks, learning about what it takes to find and keep employment, while also gaining connections in the real world to real jobs. Graduating from this program is not just a paper certificate. It’s a “passport” to a better future.

Lisa is ready to achieve her dreams now, and she knows she’s not in it alone.

“We believe in you. We believe you can do it,” Major Larry Broome said to the graduates. “We are inspired by you today.”

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