You helped Tonea when she needed it most

“The label of ADHD was pasted on my forehead by the time I started going to school,” explains Tonea. “I couldn’t focus on lessons or even stay in my chair for any length of time. I was labeled ‘slow,’ ‘stupid,’ or even ‘problematic.’

“Deep down, I knew what it took to be amazing, but I struggled to find someone to believe in me, to care. Right before my eyes, I received the blessing of a lifetime. I had the chance to become a Boys & Girls Club member. My mom signed me up for the Club when I was in the 1st grade. Just the positive atmosphere and staff made if feel like the place I belonged. A home. A blessing.”

“It was the Boys & Girls Club that gave me the courage to learn again and fight for my education. Club staff saw my potential and worked with me.”

Even more, Club staff helped Tonea see her own potential. Now, she is graduating from high school and making plans to attend college to get a degree in childhood development so she can help kids like herself.

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