UnitedHealthcare Ensures Club Members Are Active During Spring Break

UnitedHealthcare wants to make sure kids stay active. And, that’s why their team stopped by the Belmont Avenue Boys and Girls Club with a brand-new treadmill, 100 pedometers for our members, and $1,000 for healthy lifestyles programs. It’s all part of the organization’s “Step Up for Better Health” campaign.

“April is all about moving. As an organization, we are doing everything we can to encourage our employees to be healthier employees and live healthier lives,” said Bridget Johnson of UnitedHealthcare of North Carolina. “And so, it was just a natural connection to come to the Boys & Girls Club and help them do the same thing, and promote healthy lifestyles in the community.”
Following the check presentation, kids took part in basketball, soccer and walking drills to add steps to their new pedometers. UnitedHealthcare is making contributions to Boys & Girls Clubs across the country as part of its effort to reduce childhood obesity. The Step Up for Better Health website provides information about the potential benefits of walking and offers 10,000-step walking routes in Charlotte and dozens of other cities.
“Exercise can improve our health and help reduce the risk of getting certain diseases, like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases,” said Johnson. “Exercise and physical activity has immediate and long-lasting health impacts, but it can also be a lot of fun.”
Yes, exercise can be fun. Our members experienced that first-hand this week. As a result, they are surely inspired to stay active in the future.

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