As the Garden Grew, So did this Volunteer

When our Marsh Road Boys & Girls Club had the opportunity to start a garden, we didn’t have to look far for someone to help out with the new program. Elizabeth Miller was already volunteering with us on a regular basis, and she couldn’t wait to get involved with this new project.

“I love the whole garden idea,” she said. “The children might not be exposed to gardening these days, and I love that I can be the one to teach them.”

Elizabeth has been volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club for more than a year now and has done it all. She has helped with homework, taught the younger members how to jump rope and play hopscotch, and now she is helping them garden one or two times a week. What keeps bringing her back?

“The Boys & Girls Club is a safe haven,” she says. “It gives the kids a place to go and get off the street. It’s a safe place where they can create bonds and friendships. Volunteering with these kids keeps me young. It’s very rewarding, I look forward to volunteering, it’s a bright spot in my week. You’re not sure what these kids deal with during the day but when they walk through those doors they are excited to be here.”

And, the garden project has given the members something else to be excited about when they come to the Club. The garden has gone through one harvest already. It produced broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower and more.

“The kids were excited to see the final results. For weeks they helped tend to the garden, so for them to see the final results was fun to see.” Elizabeth is eager to share another harvest with the members, this time with some fruit, just like when she was a little kid with her mom. “Volunteering brings back memories for me. My mom and I grew veggies and fruit and I have always stayed with it. I have a green thumb.”

“It’s rewarding to give back my time. I’m thankful and blessed that The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club allows me to help.”

We wouldn’t be able to help the thousands of kids we do each year without great volunteers like Elizabeth. If you would like to give back and volunteer follow this link: Volunteer.

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