A Letter from Major Larry Broome

Be The Difference-Donate

By now, you most likely have heard the news that the United Way of Central Carolinas recently restructured its staffing as well as its funding strategy. The Salvation Army supports these adjustments and will continue to be an active partner agency.

However, these changes have resulted in a $500,000 reduction in funding to The Salvation Army.

I know that you care deeply about Charlotte and its residents. So I am inviting you to join us in an effort to raise this funding difference by July 31. The children in our 8 Boys & Girls Clubs and the families in our homeless shelter are relying on your quick response. Here’s why your action matters:

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs serve more than 1,400 school-age children each year who live in troubled neighborhoods, providing them with safe spaces in which to learn and belong. Our staff mentor and help them to graduate high school and plan for their future. In fact, children who attend one of our Clubs fare better in school, with fewer suspensions, increase their English and Math proficiency, and attend school regularly. When asked if they planned on going to college, an overwhelming 95% said “yes.”
This is the power of hope.

At our emergency shelter, about 200 children, as young as infants, sleep in safety because of your generous giving. The Center of Hope serves as an important “front door” to services to help families across our community who are struggling to get back on their feet. With housing programs designed
to meet young mothers right where they are and help them work toward earning better pay and remaining stable in housing, our shelter is a vital community service.


Consider the high cost of the alternatives:

A review of three years of data shows that 89% percent of women who participated in our transitional supportive housing program move into positive housing destinations once they leave the program, as do 97% of our rapidly rehoused families.

With so much at stake, I know I can trust you to stand with us in making sure that the boys and girls in our Clubs know they have a safe place to go to after school, where people truly care about them. I know I can trust you to stand with us in making sure women and children not only have a safe place to sleep at night, but also hope that one day it will be in their own homes. Please make a gift today!


Major Larry W. Broome

Charlotte Area Commander

PS: Please Help Us Raise the Difference in United Way Funding—$500,000—by July 31!

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