Celebrate Your Birthday by Raising Money for Your Favorite Charity.

Think about it…People will do stuff for your birthday they wouldn't normally do other times. So why not use your birthday to raise money for your favorite charity?

Using Facebook’s fundraising tool, you can now donate your birthday to a non-profit charity. To start a fundraiser, simply click on the fundraising tab on your News Feed. From there, you can select what charity you want to give to and set your fundraising goal as well as your fundraiser’s end date. You can invite your friends directly to the fundraiser.

Tips to running a successful birthday fundraiser:

Make the birthday or other key date the campaign deadline

By making a deadline you create a sense of urgency. Deadlines are “ticking clocks” that create a sense of urgency and make donors respond faster. If you’re doing a fundraiser that’s also connected to an existing national campaign, such as National Salvation Army Week (Week of May 14), think about aligning your deadline with that timeframe and using the birthday as a rallying cry.

Tell your story

A birthday creates a natural storytelling opportunity, and telling your story is key to raising funds. Tell your friends why The Salvation Army is important to you. Make the story connect your friends to The Salvation Army. Share photos of the Salvation Army and how the funds will help people in need. (Our Programs)

Use social media to spread your message

Get the word out on your social media! Almost everyone you know has some sort of a social media account. Make it visible on your accounts. Don’t be scared to challenge your friends to donate. Thank your friends after donating. Send friendly reminders as the deadline approaches. Is it your 43rd birthday? Ask them to donate $43 to the cause.

Happy Birthday! Enjoy it.

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