“Sunbeam” Student at Salvation Army Temple Corps Receives Special Recognition

“Do Right.” That’s the motto for The Salvation Army’s Sunbeams program, and its members stay focused on doing the right thing and bettering themselves and their communities. This past Sunday, Aeryonna Wilder was recognized for her hard work, receiving The Salvation Army’s highest honor in the program – the Commissioner’s Sunbeam Award!

If you aren’t familiar, the Sunbeams program, for girls ages 6-11, emphasizes the importance of growing spiritually, mentally, physically and socially through fun activities, field trips, camps, service projects, earning activity emblems and so much more! It gives girls a refuge, a place to be themselves, have fun, deepen their relationship with God, gain self–confidence and discover how they can make a difference in the world.

The Sunbeams program began in 1921, offering a character building ministry for younger girls interested in expanding their knowledge through emblem earning and Christian fellowship. More specifically, the program encouraged “the building up of sterling character in girls and young women, promoting their physical, mental, moral and spiritual development, and training them for service to others.”

Today, Sunbeam members’ actions speak louder than words. In Sunbeams, heavy emphasis is placed on actively working with the Sunbeam leader and fellow Sunbeams in order to earn emblems in a plethora of areas. Girls in the Charlotte program are growing up strong and learning how to better serve God and their community. They are learning to “do right!”

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