Teens Learn How to Cook During Summer Programming

Brandi Jones started her business- Honey Butter Bakery- ten years ago after helping her child raise money for a fundraiser. However, growing up, Brandi typically stayed out of the kitchen and would only cook on rare occasions. It wasn’t until she baked pound cakes for her child’s fundraiser that she found her true passion for baking. “The joy and fulfillment I received was life changing” Brandi said.

Prior to moving to Charlotte, Brandi worked with the Boys and Girls clubs as a teen director, working with over 100 teens at various clubs. “I really love working with the Boys and Girls Clubs. I love their mission and how they’re really working with the community” Brandi says.

For the past four years, Brandi has been able to bring her passion for cooking to The Boys and Girls Clubs. She volunteers during the summer program every Thursday to teach the kids how to cook everything from pizza to cupcakes. The kids love the opportunity to bake and personalize their own food- adding special toppings and shapes to make theirs unique.

“My brother is a chef, so it’s something I’ve always been interested in but I’ve never been able to try,” said one of the teens who partipcated in the class.

Written by Sarah Gerhardt.

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