“Doing the most good,” makes me feel the “most good.”

Volunteering has truly become my hobby, some people have running or crafting, but I have volunteering. I enjoy the opportunity to give back to others and to make a difference. You could say that being helpful is part of my genetic make-up. I also believe my passion for volunteering lies in my desire to know how things work, see the world from another perspective, and just gain a fuller understanding of the world we live in.

I have not been volunteering with the Salvation Army very long, but I have done so much that it seems I have been volunteering a lot longer. My first experience with The Salvation Army was when I adopted an Angel from the Angel Tree Christmas Program in 2015. After noticing that there were so many children and seniors that needed help, I wanted to find out more ways to get involved. I started a fundraiser to raise money to adopt five children that upcoming Christmas and provide each with a bike, clothes and books. I was able to raise $500 and ended up adopting six kids and a senior for the 2016 Christmas season.

I am also a member of The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary, a group of over 100 women who provides support and services to the programs of the Salvation Army including the Center of Hope Women and Children’s Shelter, Boys and Girls Club locations, and Booth Garden Senior Living Facility. This group of women is where I learned of all the volunteer opportunities available at the Christmas Center and ended up volunteering over 70 hours during the Christmas season.

I live my life by the Salvation Army motto, “Doing the most good.” Going through the day trying to find a way to do good for others is my every day goal. I can’t say I do it every day or that I don’t have my moments, like everyone does, of doing what’s best for me, but “doing the most good” makes me feel the “most good.”

I truly enjoy all the opportunities that I have been able to explore since I began volunteering at the Salvation Army. All the people I have worked with have been truly amazing, kind, and full of gratitude. I look forward to my work with the Salvation Army and helping those who need it most.

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