$18,000 Raised Through "Shaq Thompson's Sacks for Kids"

As Carolina Panther fans, we always cheer when the defense sacks the quarterback but thanks to Salsarita’s and linebacker, Shaq Thompson, we cheered a little louder this year. Each team sack turned into dollars for the local Clubs thanks to the “Shaq Thompson’s Sacks for Kids” campaign sponsored by Salsarita’s. Pledges were turned into contributions to benefit the Clubs and its sports and fitness programs.

“This pledge campaign is a great way for fans to join me in this support,” Shaq added. “Now, every time we get a sack, it helps the Panthers and we can help kids stay healthy and active at their The Boys & Girls Clubs!”

The defense must have gotten a little extra motivation from the campaign as they ended the year second in the NFL in sacks with 47, totaling almost $20,000 for the Clubs.

“This campaign is a unique way to support youth in your community, and cheer on the home team at the same time,” said Marty Clary, executive director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Charlotte. “The funds raised will help us specifically with the Triple Play Get Fit Challenge, a daily program promoting good health and habits among our members.”

Thank you to all the supporters, Shaq and Salsarita’s for partnering with us.

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