The Salvation Army Launches Mission to Spread Christmas Cheer

Today, The Salvation Army launched a major Christmastime campaign to bring joy into the homes and hearts of an estimated 11,000 local children in need.

“Even with so much attention on the election, this is one ‘campaign’ we think people every can endorse,” says Major Larry Broome, area commander for The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte. “Our goal is to meet human needs in Charlotte without discrimination, to make sure families in need of shelter and food, receive it, and boys and girls won’t experience a Christmas without hope.”

There are a number of alarming area trends that make this year’s effort especially critical:

  • The local economy remains in a difficult position, with many people unemployed, underemployed, or out of the workforce altogether. Meanwhile, prices continue rising for commodity goods and services. Lack of affordable housing is a constant challenge.
  • Food insecurity is an ongoing issue in our community, especially for single mothers.
  • An alarming number of individuals who are employed are trying to make it check to check. Lower-income families that have saved patiently can see modest nest eggs wiped out by a single illness, accident, or layoff.

With those factors in mind, we have a simple request to people of goodwill in our community. Please don’t forget your neighbors in need.  You will never give a more meaningful gift — or one that provides more joy.

To join us in this effort to speak hope into the lives of people who need us most, click here.

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