Electrolux Cares about its Community

Electrolux, which has its North American headquarters in Charlotte, is making a big impact on the community this month. On Sept. 12, it launched its Electrolux Food Foundation to address challenges like hunger, poor nutrition, food waste and responsible consumption.

The first initiative that the foundation is supporting is a partnership called “Feed the Planet” with Worldchefs and AIESEC, a global nonprofit that encourages youth participation in implementing UN sustainable development goals by managing projects on the ground. To highlight the investment, Electrolux delivered 2,500 backpacks filled with food to our friends at Second Harvest earlier this month. Second Harvest is distributing them through their Backpack Program to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

And, we are feeling the love, too. As a part of its “Electrolux Cares Week,” a week of volunteering and giving back across all Electrolux locations in North America, the Salvation Army Center of Hope and its Supportive Housing Innovative Partnership (SHIP) Program was a beneficiary in Charlotte. The SHIP program, created in 2010, is designed to offer people a way out of homelessness, providing 60 women and their children (at a time) up to three years to gain the education and job training they need to earn a living wage and move into permanent housing.

Electrolux employees collected food for families in the SHIP program, helping to fill their cupboards with items like cereal, oatmeal , pasta and snacks.

And, a little goes a long way. A simple thing like stocked shelves in a family’s kitchen is a small step toward feeling normal again and getting back on their feet.

Since beginning the program, we've helped more than 300 families with housing and support services as they are on their path to normalcy.

Right now, many women are enrolled in school and accomplishing goals they never dreamed were possible. When one family “graduates,” a unit is made available for another homeless family, and the cycle begins again.

For the families currently in our program, Electrolux has truly made a difference. They have shown how much they “care.”

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