Boys & Girls Clubs Host McDonald's Summer Games

Nothing brings the world together quite like the Olympics. With the 2016 Summer Olympics kicking off last week, we had the privilege of celebrating  with a local team representing more than 140 area McDonald’s restaurants. Our Milton Road Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club partnered with McDonald’s to host an Olympics-themed event focusing on keeping our members active.

Even though it was mid 90s, that didn’t stop the kids from having fun with hula hoops,  kickball games, water games and tug of war competition. Before the games, each member received a Step-It Activity Band, the newest toy in McDonald’s Happy Meals, to keep track of how active they are on a daily basis. The bands track activity and counts steps as they move. One kid had more than 1,000 steps after playing with the hula hoop for five minutes, while many were competing to see who could get to 500 steps the fastest.

As the games were going on and kids getting gold medals left and right, out came Ronald McDonald. Members quickly added to their Step-It Activity Bands as they rushed to give him high-fives. Ronald McDonald also performed his “Get Active” show, an educational show for youngsters that encourages kids to get moving, get thinking and Go Active!

It was a great day for everyone involved. Members got to stay active and enjoy their time outside with Ronald McDonald while the Boys & Girls Club staff got to work with the great people from McDonald’s to put on this event. We are glad to be one of the Clubs  chosen for the "McDonald’s Summer Games.”

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