Follow the Goods

In the spring and summer, there seems to be an itch we all have to clean out those closets and organize the household. That’s why you are sure to see yard sales popping up all over town. Did you know there are organizations excited to take your unwanted items, and several that will come pick them up for you? Perhaps you did. But, do you know what happens to those goods and how your contribution betters our community?

Walk with us on a journey as we “follow the goods.”

First, you clean and organize your home and find that you have some pieces of furniture and several bags of clothing and household items you no longer need. No problem, just call 1-800-SA-TRUCK or visit You can find the nearest drop-off location or schedule a pick up at a time that is convenient for you.

The goods then make their way to one of 5 area Family Stores, or directly to the Salvation Army Family Store Distribution Center on Central Avenue. The goods are inspected, sorted, and items that can be sold to the public are then sent to the store locations. The men working are a part of the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation program (also located on Central Avenue), which is a residential program that helps 116 men at a time break the chains of chemical addiction and get back on their feet.

Once your goods have made it to a store, they are put on display and made available to the public. Clothing is displayed according to gender, size and color and furniture is set up in sets like a furniture store. There’s always something unique to find at a Salvation Army Family Store!

Your items are then purchased, and at a great price! Those dollars generated help to fund the Adult Rehabilitation Center, changing the lives of the men apart of the program.

So, when you donate items to the Salvation Army, you are not just getting rid of unwanted things. You are changing the lives of men – and families – in our community. When you donate a good, you are doing good for people right here in the Charlotte area.

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