7 Ways to Support Your Community this Summer

While summer doesn’t officially begin until next week, you wouldn’t know it by the temperatures. The heat means it’s a good time for taking a dip in the pool or heading to the beach. Summer is a time for fun!

Summer is also a critical time for many nonprofits, and The Salvation Army is no different. It’s easy to think about your neighbors in need when the weather is cold and it’s Christmastime. But, need knows no season, and we need your help to do the most good year round. Here are a few ways you can help your community this summer.

Pray. Praying is one of the most important things you can do. We can use your prayers, of course. But, remember those in our community we serve who need us most.

Like and share. This one is really easy. When you see a story on one of our social media channels about a life that has been changed through the generosity of the community, like it or share it. Every time you share about The Salvation Army, you are helping us spread the word about the need in the community and encouraging others to join our Army.

Plan. There are a number of creative ways to get involved in your community. Plan something unique with your friends, church group, company or organization. A collection drive or event is a great way to bond with others over a common cause. Be creative!

Donate goods. Spring isn’t the only time to clean out the closets. Do it this summer, and remember to donate those items to the Salvation Army Family Stores. These donations support the Adult Rehabilitation Center, which helps chemically addicted men get back on their feet. Donating is easy; find out how here.

Volunteer. Nonprofits throughout Charlotte have opportunities for you to pitch in. The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte makes it easy to find your niche (and available date and time) and sign up online.

Give. Your financial contributions help sustain us through the dog days of summer. These funds help us provide shelter and services at our Center of Hope, summer programming for at-risk youth and more. Make a donation today.

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