Center of Hope Gives Family What “Money Cannot Buy”

When Debra was out of options, she found refuge at the Salvation Army Center of Hope. She knew something had to change. She was raising her grandchildren that included 14-year-old twins and a

3-year old with autism challenges. She just needed a helping hand to get back on her feet.

“I remember the nights after lights out looking at my laptop to take a test or study, going to the library during the day,” she said. Debra was working hard to further her education and secure a better future for her family.

After a brief stay in the shelter, Debra and her family were able to move out thanks to the Supportive Housing Innovative Partnership. The program, a partnership between The Salvation Army and the Charlotte Housing Authority, offers people a way out of homelessness by providing up to three years of transitional housing for women and their children while they gain the education and job training they need to earn a living wage and move into permanent housing. 

While Debra was fighting for her – and her family’s – future, the staff at the Center of Hope was there to provide not only a roof and warm meals, but the stability that comes along with them.

Staff members “prayed with us and treated us with respect and dignity and like family in spite of our plight,” Debra said.  “We left thankful and grateful for what was given to us that money cannot buy.”

Debra has since earned a degree in early childhood education and human services management. The family has their own place. And her teen-aged grandchildren are even giving back to their community by doing yard work for seniors in their neighborhood and returning to the Center of Hope to serve meals.

The Center of Hope is not just a temporary shelter. It’s a place where people like Debra get the stability they need to get back on their feet. It’s a place where families find resources and support in their journey out of homelessness. Most importantly, it’s a place where they find hope. Lend a hand to other people in our community like Debra. Donate

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