Tis the season of giving back

Tis the season of giving back, and that’s exactly what Steven and more than 20 other volunteers are doing. For the 5th straight year, Steven  collected donations from family, friends and other supporters, to adopt angels from The Salvation Army Angel Tree program.

This year, they are setting record numbers.  Steven was able to raise more than $16,000 and  adopt 110 angels, more than doubling the amounts from last year. Last year, they had about 35 financial contributors, this year they had 80, with three checks of $1,500 coming in.

“I had the goal of 100 kids this year. It feels great, but at the same time there are so many kids that won’t get adopted this year, so it doesn’t overwhelm me,” Steven said. “There is still so much people can do. People want to get involved when they realize what we are doing.” The volunteers this year are coworkers, friends and friends of friends. One of those friends is Sherri. “I have given financially for the last four years, but this year I was blessed that my employer is supportive of what Steven is doing and allowed me to come out for the day to help brighten up 110 kids Christmas mornings,” she said.

Five years ago, it was just Steven and his assistant. They shopped for 15 kids and took 2 days to do it. Today, the volunteers will spend all day shopping for the 110 children who will be receiving bikes, action figures, dolls, and everything else any 6-13 year old would want under a tree on Christmas morning.

When asked about his goal for next year, he said: “I want to get through today first, but I feel like if we can get to 200 we are making positive progress.”

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