Remember the Children This Christmas

It’s that time of the year, with thoughts of Christmas and all that comes with the holidays. For most people, and especially those with children, it’s a time of giving. Can you imagine a kid, waking-up Christmas morning, with nothing? Unfortunately, that happens right here in our community. No child should miss out on the joy of Christmas because their family is struggling financially or otherwise.

These kids deserve to have their dreams come true; they need compassion and support. This year, more than 11,000 children in the Charlotte area will not have a Christmas – unless we, as a giving community, reach out to them. The Salvation Army has teamed-up with WCNC-TV to collect gifts for those kids. It’s called the “Magical Toy Drive.”

It’s really a simple thing for those of us who can afford it.  While you’re shopping this month, remember these kids. Buy a toy. Buy several toys. They’re for kids of all ages…boys and girls.  Get your neighborhood involved, your office, your church group, or your family. 

Remember those special Christmas mornings when you were a child….the anticipation and excitement of what you’d find under the tree? Think about the possibility of a sweet little child, without a single present.  A huge smile and lots of joy is what they should have, not a broken heart.

We’ve made it easy for everyone. You can drop-off toys (prior to Dec. 13) at our studios on the Billy Graham Parkway, during business hours or at any of the area Kimbrell’s Furniture locations. If you need more information, just go to the NBC Charlotte website at  This community always comes through, and we’re hoping this year will be the best ever!


Larry Sprinkle is the longtime weather anchor for NBC Charlotte and a friend of The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte. You can see him 4:30 to 7 every weekday morning. He can also be seen on the station's noon newscasts Monday through Friday. 

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