You Can Give In Your Pajamas

               Have you ever passed a red kettle and thought to yourself, “I don’t have any cash” and walked by wishing you could help those in need?  If you have had to walk by the kettle with your head down or you look away from the bell ringer standing in the cold because you wish you could give but your wallet is full of plastic, don’t feel bad.  This description fits many of us who live in the world of credit cards and online shopping. 

                The iconic red kettle represents Christmas to many and when the bells start ringing, it just feels like Christmas.  Although the kettle is still effective and a viable way to raise funds to help those in need, we realize that there is a large group of people who would love to help, but just do not carry cash anymore.  So, because people are still in need and we have pledged to help them, the Virtual Red Kettle was born.

                Perhaps you are not aware that the Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte has a Virtual Red Kettle.  This kettle is set-up and easily accessed by clicking right here  All donations made to the Virtual Kettle will be used for helping those in need, just like the funds in the kettles you see in front of local businesses.  The beauty of online giving, as with any online process, is it can be done from the comfort of your home, business and even in your pajamas.  You can also share the link and get your friends and colleagues to help us help others, as well. 

                Yet, as simple as this sounds, the Virtual Kettle is far too under-utilized.  This Christmas the Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte will ensure, with the help of the community, more than 11,000 children and 1,300 senior citizens will have a Christmas to remember.  This is thanks to the generosity of donors from across the area.  But, I am sure you know that the other 364 days a year there are people in need of food, clothing, housing and after-school care.  The funds raised through these efforts will help countless people get back on their feet and here at the Salvation Army, we can’t do it without you.

                Thursday, the Carolina Panthers will play the Dallas Cowboys.   As part of the half-time show, the Salvation Army will have its National Kettle Kick-Off.  Perhaps that would be the perfect time to take a minute to click and give or maybe you could give based on the outcome of the game. Maybe you can consider matching your gift to the total number of points scored. Whatever you choose, we hope you will help us fill our Virtual Red Kettle and have the best fundraising year ever.  Every dollar helps – and next time you see a bell ringer and don’t have change, you can tell them you gave online!

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