From homelessness to budding stardom, Damien Horne

From homelessness to budding stardom, Damien Horne has travelled far in his young life. The Hickory native, the product of a troubled home, dodged gangs, prison, and addiction within the safe haven of The Boys and Girls Clubs. Damien spent his summers at The Salvation Army’s Camp Walter Johnson in Denton, progressing from camper to counselor.

His life journey took him to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. Like so many, his first attempt was less than successful, leaving him homeless and eventually leading him to return home to Hickory. His next step on the journey was difficult but much more rewarding, a move to Nashville where he went from performing on street corners to a national recording contract as a member of the up and coming country band The Farm, releasing their debut album, The Farm, Inc. in 2012. The band’s latest single, MUD, hit the Top 20 in 2014.

Along the way, he has continued his mission to help others and support The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs, traveling across the nation and the world. He can be found at many Salvation Army Youth events sharing his story with young men and women who now sit where he once did.


Oringinally written by Mischi Binkley of Winston-Salem. 

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