Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Marty Sanders, Director of Development

A major theme of many favorite Christmas songs is the idea of being home with those we love. Who doesn’t remember those special times of being together with family members at Christmas? Maybe it was having a great time at your grandparents’ house with all of your cousins. Maybe it was the unexpected visit of a favorite uncle or aunt; or the return of a loved one stationed overseas with the military that made it home just in time for Christmas. It could be that special Christmas Eve candlelight service at the church of your youth. Whatever the setting, the holidays are made special by family and friends and home.

Tonight, just outside of Uptown Charlotte, around 360 women and children will stay at our Center of Hope. They are grateful for a safe place to sleep. They are thankful that they have food to eat. Yet, they long for the day that they will be able to celebrate Christmas in their own place; not in a shelter, or in someone else’s home because they cannot afford to live on their own.  They want a home for Christmas.  Nothing fancy, just a place to call “home”.

Over the next 10 -1 2 months, we plan to help at least 250 families gain they housing they desire. It requires a lot of effort on the part of those residing at The Center of Hope, our Case Managers, and the entire community. It takes everyone doing their part to make this dream a reality.

Our residents are equipped, through numerous programs and services we provide, to slide into the “driver seat” of their lives.  No longer yielding to others, they begin to make decisions and take actions that are best for them and their family. Our Case Managers “sit” beside our residents, coaching, encouraging, teaching, cheering them on towards the goals they have established for themselves.  It takes everyone in the community to give, to mentor, to open doors to opportunity – providing the support that our residents cannot find anywhere else.

This year as you place your change in the kettle, put a check in the mail, or stop by one of our program locations and make a donation of money or food, know that you are part of a team effort. You’re helping someone you may never meet celebrate Christmas next year in their own place, inviting friends and family over to their home, making a special Christmas memory for their children. You are “Doing the Most Good” with your kindness.

Merry Christmas!

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