Marty Sanders, Director of Development


I have been reminded over the past week of the power and need of vision. Vision describes what we want the future to look like. Vision provides inspiration to all who are aligned with its cause. It points to where we are going and moves us to determine what it will take to make that vision a reality.

As we head towards the holidays, I want to share a glimpse of some visions that the thousands of people who will come to us have for 2015.

Nearly 4000 people in the next 12 months want to move out of homelessness into their own affordable housing. Another 90 moms want the opportunity to work on their barriers to housing by acquiring the skills and education needed to provide for themselves and their children. Close to 2000 young people want a place that is safe and fun, and will help them promote to the next grade on time. Promoting on time insures the likelihood of graduating and opens doors to a great future. There are 120 senior citizens who want to live in a safe affordable place where they enjoy their neighbors and develop lasting friendships.  More than 150 men want to escape the bondage of addiction, see restoration of broken relationships, and begin to live clean and sober.

 Actually all these people want the same things we want – they want to live a life that is full of hope and promise. They want to be at peace with themselves, their family, and those around them. They want to make a difference. They want their lives to mean something.

What does it take for these visions to become reality? It takes all those mentioned above and you. Combining our resources, we can partner together in helping others achieve their vision – and if we are not careful we may all achieve our vision as well.


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