Our Mission

Our Mission

Marty Sanders
Salvation Army Director of Development


Embedded in our mission statement are these words


Its [The Salvation Army] mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in his name without discrimination


We are committed to serving all our community. Yet, we desire to do more than relieve the immediate pain they feel, or alleviate the suffering or distress of the crisis they are experiencing.


We want to be about more than poverty alleviation. We want those who come to us to flourish, to thrive.


But, what does flourishing look like? What does that even mean?


We are created to flourish. It’s in our DNA. We are designed to thrive. The ability to flourish is directly related to the health of our relationships; with creation, with one another, with our own self, and with God. The Bible has a word that describes this idea. Translated, it is the word “peace”. In the Hebrew, it is “shalom”. Shalom means to flourish, to thrive in every aspect.


This is what we desire for our clients at our Center of Hope – the emergency shelter for woman and children. We work with our clients, partnering with them in removing obstacles that trap them in homelessness. Together, we find housing and the financial means to sustain and maintain that housing.


This is what we want for the residents at our Booth Gardens, our affordable housing program from senior citizens. We provide a secure place for our residents to live, and join with them in building a community that provides encouragement and joy.


We long for this for the club members in our 8 Boys & Girls Club Units in Charlotte and Union County. Our Club units are a safe positive place for children to be when school is out. Our staff is committed walking alongside our club members, helping them to achieve academically, to become model citizens with good character, and learn how to make healthy life style choices.


 To flourish is what we dream for at Christmas for the 6,000+ families we will serve through the Christmas Bureau. Along with the support of the community over 12,000 children will experience the happiness of Christmas. By moms and dads being able to make Christmas happen, we hope they are encouraged to press on and thrive.


Flourishing is what we seek for the 100+ men in our Adult Rehabilitation Center, a program to help these men overcome the grips of substance abuse. With nowhere else to go, the ARC is a safe place where men can face the reality of their circumstances and through counseling, mentoring, and encouragement awaken the drive to flourish that has been robbed by the alcohol or drugs they have been addicted to.


We are meant to flourish, to thrive in this world. For those who are struggling or facing barriers, we desire to come along side and join in their journey to shalom. This is what Jesus offered. This is what we want this holiday season for those who come to us.


“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

John 10:10 (ESV)

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