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Whether you're serving meals at our shelter, or helping with homework at our Boys & Girls Club, there are countless ways for you to give back. There are opportunities to volunteer for individuals, families, schools, organizations and businesses.

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Salvation Army Recognizes Volunteers

It’s National Volunteer Week, and The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte celebrated by holding a special event to say thank you to its many volunteers who help on a daily basis. “We couldn’t do what we do without your support,” said Major Larry Broome, Area Commander for The Salvation Army. “You are the Army behind the Army.”

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Salvation Army Shield Becomes a Beacon

It was the familiar red shield, but for Andre, it was a beacon. He couldn’t explain it, but he was drawn in.

“I was walking past the building,” he said. “And, God turned me around when I was 10 steps past it.”

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Celebrate Your B-Day by Raising Funds

Think about it…People will do stuff for your birthday they wouldn't normally do other times. So why not use your birthday to raise money for your favorite charity? Using Facebook’s fundraising tool, you can now donate your birthday to a non-profit charity. Check out these tips for running a sucessful campaign.

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