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Small acts can make a big difference. Did you know you can sign up to "adopt-a-meal" at our Center of Hope shelter?

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Ally Awarded Grant to Marsh Road Club to Host Summer Coding Camp

Most kids love playing video games and using apps. This summer, members of the Marsh Road Boys & Girls Clubs will begin learning the skills to build their own, thanks to the “Code to Success” program which has recently expanded to Charlotte and Detroit with support from Ally.

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Lisa is on the path to find employment and a hopeful future

Lisa, along with 11 other women in Charlotte are now ready to embark on that journey, after recently graduating from The Salvation Army Center of Hope’s job readiness program.

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Join the Quicken Loans Community Challenge and Help Us Win Big

Quicken Loans has invited The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte to compete in a friendly fundraising competition with several local charities. Each organization can win up to $50,000 in grand prizes and weekly bonuses from Quicken Loans.

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