The Family Store has a new, improved location!

The Salvation Army’s Family Store has a new, improved location! The store relocated from Dorchester Avenue and reopened its doors Friday, May 12th at 6209 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston.

Major Jenny Richmond stated, “I am very excited about the potential of our new location. It’s in a very convenient spot for both shoppers and donors. And the donations we receive fund our community programs.” Community programs include a Social Services department with a food pantry right next door to the store, which is set to open May 30th.

The store will also have extended hours of operation, Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm, and offer senior and military discounts. Donations may be left at drop boxes at both the Family Store location at 6209 Rivers Avenue or the Corps Community Center at 2135 Ashley River Road. Furniture and large donation pickups can be scheduled by calling 843-747-5271.

Stop by and visit The Salvation Army’s Family Store. You never know what you’ll find or how many lives you’ll change by your purchase or donation.

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