Major benefits coming to the Afterschool program

The Salvation Army recently received a $25,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation of South Carolina for their Afterschool program. And to make things even better, a private donor matched the grant.

“We are thrilled and thankful for the funds,” said Kat Norsworthy, Salvation Army Community Center Director. “We couldn't be more excited to have more resources for our programs.”

There is now $50,000 that can be put towards materials, supplies, and personnel costs.

“One thing I am definitely interested in doing is starting a multicultural library,” said Norsworthy. “The students here in both Afterschool and Summer Day Camp are from a wide variety of backgrounds and I want to have books that reflect that.”

The money will also be used to purchase more equipment for both programs.

“You can never have too many dodge balls!” said Norsworthy.

Norsworthy also says she is hoping to use the rest of the money to expand field trips during the summer so to add more new, exciting places for the kids to go!

The Afterschool program provides 100 at-risk children a safe place to go every weekday afternoon. It’s a place where the kids can complete homework, build on in class learning, and learn life skills for success.


The Summer Day Camp had 117 children enrolled in 2016 and is now taking applications for 2017. If you would like to learn more about summer learning opportunities at The Salvation Army, please call 843-763-9881. 

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