The Salvation Army Responds to Local Warehouse Fire

The Local Salvation Army appreciates first responders, do you?

You probably heard about the large warehouse fire in North Charleston on July 15th,  but you may not have heard what the Salvation Army did to help the first responders fighting the blaze.

When the local Salvation Army got a call from emergency management officials telling them that help was needed, it only took them 45 minutes to arrive on the scene.

“As soon as we got to the warehouse, my wife and I just started cooking,” said Major Tom Richmond, area commander of The Salvation Army of Charleston. “There were 80 first responders there working hard. These folks were risking their lives – keeping them fed, hydrated, and prayed over was the least we could do.”

From that night until the following morning, more than 300 meals were served as well as 350 drinks and 500 snacks handed out to the first responders.

“It was a blessing to keep watch over the brave men and women who were serving the community,” Richmond added. “They worked tirelessly and without thought of self—they worked for others.”  

Remember that the Salvation Army is always here to help those in need in our community… the hungry, the sick, the disabled, the elderly and the homeless. But another big part of what this evangelical organization does is help when there is a disaster. It not only provides relief for disaster victims, but also helps the first responders.

The Salvation Army thanks the first responders—the men and women who, without thought of self, are the first on the ground when disaster strikes. We are here to support you as you keep our communities safe and we are honored to serve alongside you. God bless you all.

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