What is Cross Link?

Cross Link is a vehicle by which evangelism happens. The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs / Chartered Community Centers of North and South Carolina believes that by working together, every individual that enters their facilities have the opportunity to have a personal relationship with Christ.Through the implementation of the Cross-Link program, each participant has the opportunity to understand biblical principles, build skills that will enhance their overall learning ability, and form values and attitudes of faith, culture, and the world today.

Integration of Cross Link: What does it look like?

Cross Link is a partnership between Corps & Clubs/Centers working together in an effort to advance the Evangelical Mission of The Salvation Army. This is accomplished by strengthening the Spiritual Emphasis of the Boys & Girls Club programs based on the Army’s mission through the Corps and Club working together programmatically and mission focused. Additionally, successful integration of Cross Link happens through the collaboration of both the advisory board and advisory councils, and the combined efforts of Corps and Club staff and members understanding the Army’s mission.

Effective Cross Link Integration: Why we do it?

  • Teaches children about God - The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs/Centers must take the lead to build upon the different learning stages, with language, content and activities written with the needs of each child in mind when it comes to teaching children about God.
  • Builds community – by increasing communication we create an environment where youth and leadership can work in unison toward goals.
  • Enhancement of Corps and Club programming – through spiritual emphasis by Corps leadership in the club and sharing in activities together, both Corps and club programs are enriched.
  • Creates new leadership – i.e. future local officers, Salvation Army Officers, and future employees.

Programs and Materials:

VBS Strategy Planing Guide 2020

Leadership materials are now available online. All program helps, resources, curriculum, can be found on Ministry Toolkit.

Orange – Sunday School and weekly spiritual enrichment curriculum. (Ages Preschool - Adults) https://store.thinkorange.com/

Jr. Soldiers – Salvation Army discipleship program training program ages 7-13 on www.juniorsoldiers.com or www.ministrytoolkit.org or www.youthdownsouth.org

Corps Cadets – Salvation Army teen discipleship program ages 14-18 onwww.ministrytoolkit.org or www.youthdownsouth.org

Character Building Programs: Programs designed for the www.tsamtk.org or www.ministrytoolkit.org

Club 316www.ministrytoolkit.org (Mixed ages) Many Corps in this division with Boys & Girls Clubs or community centers like to do Club 316. It is an optional way of doing the Character Building Programs.

A Brief History

The first character building program began in London, England in 1915, the program was patterned after the Boy’s Scout. All of these programs are under revision regularly to provide more up-to-date material.In the 1980's The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Department at Divisional Headquarter introduced the concept of Cross Link as a philosophy on how the Club and Corps together would have a greater impact on the Mission of the Salvation Army and Boys & Girls Clubs.

Cross Link Award Application

Download and complete the annual Cross Link application and get your organization recognized for their work in collaborating in ministering to youth. Application

Cross Link Contacts and Info:

Daynes Crouch – Divisional Christian Educational Director


704-522-4970 ext.65485

Who runs the program and who can participate?

The program is run through The Salvation Army Corps. The program can be connected with community centers and Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs. The Corps Officer is the contact for the program and holds the administrative authority of the program. All registrations, emblem requests, and records are kept by the Corps Officer. The Corps Officer may delegate from the corps level as he/she sees fit.


Moonbeams ages 3-6 boys and girls

Girl Character Building programs: Sunbeams ages 6-12/ 1st-5th grade Girl Guards ages 12-18/ 6th-12th grade

Boys Character Building programs - Adventure Corps:Explorers ages 6-12/1st-5th grade Rangers ages 12-18/6th-12th grade

What do they learn?

  • Character Building concepts/skills (respect, discipline, obedience, kindness, etc.)
  • Interpersonal skills (how to work with others and in groups)
  • Creativity and imagination to carry into life and education
  • Lifelong leadership skills
  • Importance of community and service
  • Importance of God and Country