Volunteering at a Boys & Girls Club is a great way to help teach young people valuable life lessons and learn something about yourself in return.

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs looks for individuals and groups that want to make a positive impact and an enriching experience for our members.
Remember, no task is too small, nor unimportant.

Volunteer Areas Needed

• Tutor- assist members with afterschool work.

• Artist Extraordinaire- provide opportunities for our members to create master pieces.

• Entertainment Liaison- teach dance, singing, theater, music, etc.
• Movement Coach- assist in physical activities, sports, and games.

• Coaches - Basketball, Cheerleading, and Soccer.

• Greeter- provide assistance for the arrival and departure of all members, volunteers, parents, and guests.
• Future Maker- general volunteering, provide assistance where needed in any of the departments.

Volunteer Groups 

Every business can reap huge rewards by connecting employees to opportunities to engage with and improve their community. Company-sponsored volunteer activities are welcomed throughout the year at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs. From skills-based opportunities to facilities maintenance to kickball with the kids, volunteer projects offer great team building engagements for your employees.

Whatever your goals, our staff can help design and execute a customized project to align your company’s interests with the needs at our Clubs. Examples include ”Scrub-a-Club” clean up events, hosting special events for our Club members such as a Holiday Party, Arts & Crafts Day, or Sports & Fitness Field Day, leading a program in your group’s area of expertise such as music, dancing, photography, science, athletics, etc., planting a garden, and much more. Please allow at least three weeks notice between contacting us and the scheduled date of your project so that we can find the best Club match for you.