About The Salvation Army

We have all heard the ringing of Salvation Army bells during the Christmas season. The familiar sound serves as a reminder of the great needs that so many people face during this time of the year and the work that the Salvation Army does to comfort those who find themselves in difficult situations. We help to spread hope during what should be a very joyful time of the year. While that is an important part of our identity, The Salvation Army is so much more than bell-ringers!

The Salvation Army has been active in North and South Carolina since 1887, when it opened units in Raleigh, Wilmington, and Spartanburg. Today, the Army operates hundreds of facilities and services in over 50 "commands" around North and South Carolina. These commands include daily character building programs such as community centers and the Boys and Girls Clubs, shelters for families in need of transitional housing, weekly worship services, and safe and affordable housing for seniors.

These commands are normally headed by "Officers," individuals or couples who have accepted positions of full-time ministry with The Salvation Army. Officers are responsible for leading a force of local volunteers, employees, and soldiers – those who choose The Salvation Army as their home "church" and commit to regular worship and service.

So, while you can expect to see us around the community in full force during the holidays, you may be surprised by where else you run into a "Salvationist". We're committed to helping in many aspects of community life and "Doing the Most Good" with the resources that you entrust us with.

Thank you for your support of The Salvation Army.

Annual Report 2013

2012 was a difficult year for many in our community. The opportunities were great, the challenges many and, at times, daunting. The Salvation Army was created for times such as these.

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Impact Report 2015

The Salvation Army could not do this important work without the support of people like you and me. When we add our voices, our time, and our resources to the mission, we help move The Salvation Army Forward!…

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