We Have Your Back

As the flood waters from Hurricane Matthew have been relentless in Edgecombe County, Salvation Army officers, volunteers and staff have kept working harder to bring hope.

Always Faithful

We knew Hurricane Matthew was coming. We watched as it blew through Haiti, into Florida, over Georgia, and into the Carolinas. We were praying, we were mobilizing and we were prepared.

We're Havin' a Party!

Can you imagine what it must be like for a child to have to stay at a temporary shelter, sleeping on cots, surrounded by strangers without any of the comforts of home? It can be hard for children to understand that it might be too dangerous to return home right now.

We Go Where We Are Needed

During disaster service, The Salvation Army's initial support is provided to first responders – those charged with keeping regular citizens like you and I safe. We've already posted about our support for the many Emergency Operations Centers around the Carolinas. We help to provide food and water for those men and women who work around the clock monitoring the storm's progress.

Stories from the Frontline

​When you think about responding to disasters, serving those who need us most, your first thought might not be the most positive. But, what we know is that, when we have an opportunity to provide individuals with their most basic needs in a time of crisis, we experience true, genuine gratitude. People are so incredibly thankful when we are able to hand them a hot meal and speak an encouraging word.

The People You Help

At the core The Salvation Army is our mission to "preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination." During disasters, we have the opportunity to minister directly to those who have been impacted – the individuals who have been directly affected, the first responders who diligently serve the public, and anyone else who may have need.

We Can Help You

After a long day of serving in the Orangeburg area, our canteen crew had stopped at a local Piggly Wiggly grocery store to pick up a donation from the company. While loading supplies a family – a mother and her two daughters – approached our team and indicated that they needed help. Though none of our crew were able to speak Spanish, one of the daughters was able to communicate the families need.

More than a Chance Encounter

The police officer had not eaten since he himself had begun his 14 hour shift earlier that day. His concern for the safety of the public during Hurricane Matthew was a bigger priority to him than his own needs. Now, he was hungry, tired and looking for food. All restaurants in the town were closed and his day wasn’t finished yet. He had stopped for gas just as The Salvation Army was pulling in.

God is (still) Good!

The Salvation Army is dedicating to serving individuals impacted by disaster. When things are the most difficult, we want to Do the Most Good that we possibly can, proving food, water, and spiritual and emotional care for people recovering from disaster.

An Update from Orangeburg

As Hurricane Matthew continues to cause problems for the Carolinas, The Salvation Army is actively responding, serving those people that most need our help during this time. In many places across the state, we are serving meals to evacuees and first-responder staff members.

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