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When you support The Salvation Army, you make a difference in the lives of people every single day. We want to share these stories with you. We want to share our ideas about how to make the world a better place. We want to share how God is making a difference. Stay up-to-date with us by reading the posts below.

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Volunteer Creates Face Masks for Shelter Residents

A group of volunteers creates COVID-19 masks for The Salvation Army Center of Hope shelter residents and staff.

Care Packages for the Elderly

The Bible mentions many times that we are to respect and care for our elders. Though they may be grey, their knowledge and wisdom is something to be revered. The Bible instructs us to take care of the…

An Urgent Delivery

Late on a Friday afternoon, the phone rang at The Salvation Army of Greater Winston-Salem. A teenage girl was calling on behalf of her mom. “Do you have a food pantry? My mom is disabled, we don’t have…

Finding New Ways to Care for Kids in the Community

Boys & Girls Club of Charlotte staff partner with CMS to feed children of local first responders.

Fayetteville Salvation Army Provides Handwashing Stations for Homeless

The Salvation Army of Fayetteville provides handwashing stations for the homeless.

Greensboro Salvation Army Creates Mobile Food Bank

The Salvation Army of Greensboro has adapted its food bank process to continue to serve those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping Kids Under Quarantine Celebrate Birthdays

Salvation Army officials in Kinston, NC have reached back to Christmas 2019 in a novel idea to pay it forward during the COVID-19 crisis. Christmas toys left over and stored awaiting the next Yule are…

Distilling Hope

The Salvation Army of Winston-Salem's Center of Hope received free hand sanitizer from local distiller Broad Branch Distillery, who is making batches for the public free of charge.

Delivering Backpacks of Hope

Smiles, laughter, and pure joy shined as each club member at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of High Point opened the door to receive a special visit from Boys & Girls Club staff members on Friday,…

The Salvation Army’s Nationwide Response to Coronavirus

The Salvation Army nationwide is monitoring and responding to COVID-19

Nicole's Story

At an early age, Nicole had been in and out of homeless shelters with her family. When she was only 13 years old, Nicole’s mom married a man who they moved in with. Her stepfather physically and sexually…

Sharell's Story

“I was in an unhealthy relationship and I came to a realization that I needed to leave. I didn’t just leave the town I left the state. It was a must that I did that, for my kids. I got on the road and…

Hurricane Florence Landfall

​On September 14, 2018, Category 1 Hurricane Florence made landfall south of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The storm stalled and dumped heavy rain along the coast causing widespread flooding. Rivers…

Beth's Story

​Beth, her fiancée Tim, and her seven-year-old lost everything in Hurricane Florence. Their home. Their clothing, furniture, and household items. Even their family pictures were lost in the storm. “It…

Charlyn's Story

As she was desperately trying to find a job, she and her daughter began moving from one friend’s couch to another. Pretty soon her savings were exhausted, and she could no longer pay for necessities for…