God is (still) Good!

The Salvation Army is dedicating to serving individuals impacted by disaster. When things are the most difficult, we want to Do the Most Good that we possibly can, proving food, water, and spiritual and emotional care for people recovering from disaster.

An Update from Orangeburg

As Hurricane Matthew continues to cause problems for the Carolinas, The Salvation Army is actively responding, serving those people that most need our help during this time. In many places across the state, we are serving meals to evacuees and first-responder staff members.

Serving with a Joyful Spirit

For those people who experience the impact of disasters such as Hurricane Matthew, it can mean so much to encounter people with a joyful spirit. Our volunteers do so much more than simply serve food and drinks to those who are hungry and thirsty. Volunteers with The Salvation Army are sources of emotional and spiritual strength. They are a light in the midst of what can seem like darkness.

Preparing to Respond for those Who Need Us

When any disaster threatens areas in which The Salvation Army serves, our teams gather to begin the process of coordinating our response. As you can imagine, responding to bring food, water, and spiritual care to those who need it most is complicated. We have to deal with road closures, evacuation orders, often dangerous conditions.

He Sets Us Free

When she first came to The Salvation Army, Anita was broken, alone, and needed help. Her story is complicated and often tragic. It was no wonder, then, that drugs and alcohol became a means for her to trade her fears for something that felt like peace, however fleeting.

Ready for What's Next

When summer comes to a close, the world seems to move back into its regular routine. It’s a never-ending cycle that we experience every year. Families are finished with their vacations and settle back into the flow of jobs and chauffeuring children to after school activities.

The Needs We Meet – Everyday

Everyday, The Salvation Army has the opportunity to impact the lives of friends and neighbors in the communities in which we live. Throughout the Carolinas, there are those that turn to us for help. Every day. They understand that, when there is no one else to which they can turn, The Salvation Army is there.

Thanks from Camp Walter Johnson

We were recently at Camp Walter Johnson and had an opportunity to meet with just a few of the children that have been able to attend camp this summer because of you! Your gift to Send a Kid to Camp helps hundreds of children each year get out of their cities and into a loving nurturing environment where they will make lifelong memories!

Send a Kid to Camp

As a child, I would attend camp for a couple weeks at a time. When I was in high school, I would literally travel across the country to work at camp. Even during college, I would spend my summers as a camp counselor playing games, eating less-than-haute cuisine, and helping kids to not feel homesick. Early in my career, I even had the opportunity to organize and lead camping programs.

David's Story

Now a medical doctor with a successful practice, David doesn’t actually remember the first time The Salvation Army impacted his life and the lives of his three older brothers. His mother recalls that when David was just eight months old, some people from The Salvation Army adopted their family for Christmas. Already struggling to make ends meet, life became even more difficult for David’s family when his father passed away a short time later. For many families, such significant challenges are simply impossible to overcome.

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