Beth's Story

Place of Hope. That is precisely how a young mother described our Family Center of Hope. Beth came to us due to a serious domestic violence situation. Beth, along with her children came to The Salvation Army at a point of hopelessness. Beth made it clear to the father of her three-year-old daughter and six-year-old son he was no longer welcome at their shared home, due to violence and substance abuse. She had taken a hard stand and even though things were hard, she knew protecting her children was the priority.

One evening, the unwelcome father decided to bring a gun and shoot bullets into the home while his children and Beth were still inside. Terrified for the life of her children and herself she immediately left the home and everything that was in the home.

Beth came to us with no family close, at the point of hopelessness. We were able to put her in one of our transitional apartments. She was safe, she was able to take a few weeks and get her children a bit of counseling. She also reached out to her family in a neighboring state. Within 60 days, Beth had found a job where her family was located. Her family came to pick her up and take her and her children home, to safety.

“Thank you for giving me a place to breathe, a place of hope, and for my dignity.” - Beth

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